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Panavision South Africa offers the largest film equipment inventory on the continent, the most experienced support and technical staff, impeccable logistics and innovative product development.

We supply and support every major camera system; grips equipment; HD systems; filmstock; and a full range of specialist kit including high speed film and high speed HD cameras, underwater housings, and 3D mountings.

Both our Gauteng and Cape locations offer not only our full inventory and technical service, but also on-site studios and lighting rentals through our associates: Island Studios and Panalux.

Vastly experienced in servicing features, television series, documentaries and commercials throughout Africa, we combine the best of local knowledge with the reach and resources of a leading global brand.

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New Big Red Book Now Available

This latest edition of the long running 'Red Book' has been produced for your convenience in an electronic format and is downloadable now from our website.

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Panavision SA pioneering 3D shoots

A 3D commercial shot in Johannesburg by MIA Films for UK-based agency Brave London, recently saw the first local use of two Phantom Gold cameras on a Quasar beam-splitter 3D rig.

Panavision synced the high-speed cameras via a Gigabit Ethernet hub and Vision Research's PCC Software, allowing all camera functions to be remotely controlled via laptop. A CMotion wireless control system was used to pull focus and iris on both lenses with one controller. Convergance and interocular distance were adjusted on the fly via radio link on a Technica 3D Hand Controller (THC).

The recently-released QTake HDx2, by IN2CORE, was used to process the left and right eye HD feeds and mix to the various 3D formats required by the client, and allowing live 3D viewing, inline colour correction and VFX.

"At 1000fps, each Phantom generates 40 times more data than a conventional 25fps shoot," explained Panavision SA Digital Imaging Manager, Clive Shirlaw. "Throughout each day of filming we transferred the data from two set's of 512GB Phantom Cinemags, via Cine docking stations, to a pair of Quad Core Towers to check, log, transfer and backup."

Producer, MIA Films:
Libbi Ball
Gerald McMorrow
Brave London

All pics courtesy of Dreamcatcher Productions/Frans Marais.